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Phil Arthur@ 4:34pm 16-08-2017
Hi everyone, I have a bit of an unusual query. I was cleaning out underneath the house that i have just bought and I found an old chrome front bumper bar with a Tassie rego plate VA 8286 attached to it. Firstly what year might this rego plate be from so i can try and pinpoint the make/model of the car the bumper might be off. And secondly is there someone I can contact to send a couple of pictures of the bumper to see if it can be identified?? I rang service Tas and their records don't go back far enough for them to identify the plate. Cheers Phil
Ellis@ 9:24am 11-09-2013
Sorry....There is no member by that name on our register
lucy free@ 8:40pm 01-08-2013
I am asking for your help, I am trying to get in touch with Dennis Page, I know he has or has had some classic cars. He was a friend of my late husband Sam and now my son is getting married and I want to ask Dennis if he still has the cars. If you know Dennis could you please ask if he could get in touch with me. My name is Lucy Free from Blackmans Bay. my number is 0362297205 or email me at Thank you.
Noel@ 10:19am 26-03-2013
Darren. there are 3 sections of the VCCA in Tas, ie, N/west. North,& Southern.
membership is $65. per year Pro Rata for part year, $10. nomination fee,& year starts 1st July.any of the 3 sections would welcome an enquiry. if northern area my no is 0417402470
Darren Nichols@ 3:20pm 22-03-2013
I have just purchased a 1956 Buick Century 4 door Pillar less in Melb.
I need to arrange special interest here in tassie and need to join a car club what are the costs and benefits associated with membership with VCCA?

Darren Nichols
Ted Walker@ 10:54am 22-01-2013
I am trying to locate the owner of 1927 capital chev tourer engine number R3289762. It belonged to my father and I have original rego papers for 1950, a set of snow chains and a lot of verbal family history of it's performance
gillet@ 12:51am 09-01-2013
Nice website, please visit

regards from Belgium
Noel@ 9:49am 09-12-2012
A merry Christmas & Happy & Healthy New Year to all.
from an individual member to the Public area. the good news is that we now have more space & will soon be loading more Photo's for you to enjoy.Noel.
Noel@ 10:24am 02-11-2012
as you know this has been dealt with. N.W.
Martin Le Fevre @ 11:32am 14-10-2012
spoke with Francis Ransley @ Wynyard Tulip Festival yesterday
He mentioned that I should contact a Roger Grubert ? @ Keyena
I'm wishing to make contact re a major event that can be beneficial to my Tamar Tourers Ulysses Club and the veteran car club of Tasmania
I'm bCk in Launceston on Wed but can be contacted on mobile 0417507567
Martin Le Fevre
Launceston AGM Event Proposal Committee
Tamar Tourers Ulysses Club Inc
Jeanie@ 11:32am 14-10-2012
I am looking to hire 3 cars for my daughters wedding in Stanley Tas March 16 2013,
any assistance would be greatly appreciated as we are based in Victoria and finding it extremely difficult to obtain any cars.
regards Jeanie
ellis@ 6:36pm 29-09-2012
Gordon Fysh 2012 entry form is going on to site this weekend (29 sep)
Its only open to VCCA and PVCC members who will have received it via their respective clubs/ magazines, newsletters etc
peter lawson@ 6:32pm 27-09-2012
Hello my is Peter Lawson and i am trying to find out any information on car shows in Southern Tasmania , where i can show my 1981 XX COROLLA it is 100 % original. Regards Peter Lawson.
Ricky @ 7:41pm 18-09-2012
Good evening. I am currently trying to plan my wedding and my wife to be and myself love Veteran cars. However i am having a difficult time finding anywhere on the northwest that hire for weddings.. I am wondering if you or any of your members know anyone that does do weddings or if there would be any of your members that would be interested in hiring themselves as drivers and their cars for our wedding day.

The date is 9th of Feb 2013 and we are hiving our wedding at the Blue Wreng Tea Gardens in ulverstone with the reception at the axemans hal of fame in latrobe..

Any assistance o could provide would be greatly appreciated


Patricia Curran@ 10:08pm 17-09-2012
Would like to see the Gordon Fysh Entry form for 2012 on the website. Thankyou

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